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Kyoshiro to towa no sora 9 (on hold iroha & Tokyo Majin, gotta have my priorities in order)
Okay I've had it up to here with dead brothers, who aren't really dead, and are truly evil sick bastards.  >.< *fume fume*
(images to come i assure you)  Okay Kazuya (NariKen) freshly back from the 'dead', and yes Kyoshiro's sister Mika was right about Kazuya being some kind of devil/demon. He's a complete sicko! And he hurt my Kyoshiro! My baby! And Kuu! She transformed into a mecha thing, instead of what the others do. and that Waruteishia (who seems to have odd powers over the other absolute tenshis) erased Kyoshiro from Kuu's memory!
Kyoshiro came to just before Kazuya, Kuu, and Waruteishia (who was carrying Setsuna) walked away, and he weakly said 'Kuu'. Kuu just looked at him blankly and asked Kazuya who that was! Kazuya just said: 'who knows?' And they left!
Kazuya and Waruteishia also stopped by Mika's to get Kaon. Mika didn't fair as well as Kyoshiro. Mika dies in this episode.
I can only assume Kazuya will go after Tarlotte next week. u_u
No tears for this ep, surprisingly.

so yeah.. more icons to come, i think.
um, what else...? Still trying to get my hands on the Shounen Onmyouji character single I know some of you have...
and Phantom of the Opera just ended so the music is back on! ^^
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