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and the winners are...

Seiyuu Awards Result on in. (Previous comments)

As posted by: nanya_hime
主演男優 福山潤 (Best Actor: Fukuyama Jun)
主演女優 朴路美 (Best Actress: Paku Romi)
助演男優 石田彰 宮田幸季 (Best Supporting Actors: Ishida Akira, Miyata Kouki)
助演女優 小清水亜美 後藤邑子 (Best Supporting Actresses: Koshimizu Ami, Goutou Yuuko)
新人男優 森田成一  柿原徹也 (Best New Actor: Morita Masakazu, Kakehara Tetsuya)
新人女優 平野綾 鹿野優以 (Best New Actresses: Hirano Aya, Kano Yui)
歌唱賞 水樹奈々 (Best Singer: Mizuki Nana)
ベストパーソナリティー 浅野真澄 (Best [Radio] Personality: Asano Masumi)

Well clearly I wanted Yocchin to win, but FukuJun is okay too. I need to watch that series still tho. I have it sitting on Guren, just haven't touched it yet. :/
Paku Romi.. i like her, but never seen the series. :/ (notice the trend?) For Nana, from NANA

Supporting... YAY! Ishitan! & Miyata Kouki...
Ishida Akira as Athrun (Gundam SEED Destiny) <-- i still don't get why that's a support role. I watched the show for him. :/
Miyata Kouki as Kazumi (Yoshinaga-san chi no Gargoyle)
I like ties...
Yay! Karen won!
Koshimizu Ami as Kallen (Code Geass)
Gotou Yuuko as Mikuru (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu) <-- don't know this person :/

Newbies (meaning in the last 5 yrs... Oo)
Kakihara Tetsuya <-- Princess Princess is still very clear in my brain, so yay!
Morita Masakazu <-- Okay everyone knows, or at least should know I love this seiyuu so... I'm HAPPY

I DO NOT CARE. sounds mean, but it's true. XD
Kano Yui
Hirano Aya <-- did i mention i cannot stand her voice?

Singer... Mizuki Nana <-- i like her, and i don't like her. I'm still annoyed that Roia's always the main object on the Kiba merch. >.< That show is SO not mainly about her damn it!  I like the character tho... >.>

... um okay... >.> no comment.
Asano Masumi

other news... PS decided it was time to remove my presets again. >.<
well it's not like i paid for it so... my brushes! I had to try to pick them out again... so now the order's all off and it's annoying! But oh well.

I managed to find Negai Kanae Tamae 3 and since it was late-ish, i got the idea to put it on my mp3 player, with the idea that i would fall asleep listening to it. It made sense to me at the time, but of course that didn't happen. XD  Stayed awake for the whole damn thing, giggling during parts, with my eyes wide open. I blame mainly Yocchin, but also SuzuKen. So something like 60mins. XD I didn't get to sleep until 4am or so. And then my odd alarm clock went off at 8:50am with some opera like singing guy. @_@
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