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i'm still here

or so the saying goes.

Yesterday the news broke about Kellogg shutting down in the city. It's been here since 1924. By the end of 2014 it will be gone (90 years).
We've already got the highest unemployment rate in Canada..... or last I heard we did, and it's not gotten better so it must still be true.
What our factory made will then be made in Taiwan. I hope to gods we get  American made cereal. Though having 'Death by Cereal' on ones grave could be interesting.

Canada Post will phase out door to door delivery to Urban areas. They will shave off 7,000 jobs. They assume they will retire workers, and force others to retire.
Olivia Chow was clearly pissed off about this announcement after they claimed they were going to fix the service to better service the public. BS. So much of it you couldn't shovel your way out.

“You don’t save a business by cutting services, driving away customers and raising costs,” Chow said. “The Conservatives waited until the House had risen to deliver this lump of coal to Canadians. Canadians deserve better."
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