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Just some notes about 2013 post #2

Anime continued

Finally getting something right. This series followed the manga almost too exact. Perfect, if not too short.

What to say about a series about the human race and how utopian societies would never work. Cast is great as well.


Kill la Kill OST
I'm a huge Sawano Hiroyuki fan, as he's by far my favourite composer. There was another OST he did released this year as well wait for it. Engrish vs English? Who cares get over it already, don't listen to it if you are gonna pick away at it. I love Kobayashi Mika's voice & David Whitaker's rapping is just fine for an American. It's true. He's American.

Shingeki no Kyouji OST
Sawano-san strikes again. Track 1: t’[ae]ck 0N tαitn holds my heart. It's both epic and bold and quite possibly heartbreaking in relation to when it's played within the series it's self.

Ao no Exorcist Plugless
Oh yes it was a grand year for Sawano-san fans. Track 7: “Too late to Say” featuring Sayulee singing a melancholy tune that hits at the heart of anyone.

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi OST
Sometimes beautiful, yet tragic shows have equally beautiful music to go with them. And have nothing to do with Sawano-san. Track 17: Farewell when this played in the series (you know when) I bawled my eyes out. Many if not all, did. Of course the same effect was felt every time “Owaranai Melody wo Uta Idashi Mashita.“ started playing before the credits started.


Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi's ED - Owaranai Melody wo Uta Idashi Mashita. By Komatsu Mikako

Samurai Flamenco OP – JUST ONE LIFE - SPYAIR

Kuroko's Basketball 2 OP - WALK – OLDCODEX

Yowamushi Petal OP – Reclimb by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D

Gundam UC episode 6 - RE:I AM by aimer / Sawano Hiroyuki

Devil Survivor 2 ED – Be by Song Riders

All Alone With You - EGOIST
Out of Control - Nothing's Carved In Stone
Namae no nai Kaibutsu - EGOIST (dec 2012)
abnormalize - Ling tosite sigure (dec 2012)

Free! OP - Rage on – OLDCODEX

Arata ED Single – The Misfit Go – OLDCODEX

Karneval ED – REASON - KAmiYU



Yoshino Hiroyuki



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