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spoilers for Lost Girl S4 ep 11 (aka 411) 'End of a line'

they did it. they KILLED HALE!!! TT_____TT
My poor poor Kenzi! Can this girl ever get ahead?

If you've never watched Lost Girl, see the girl in my user pic, that's Kenzi. She's a human.
Hale was Fae, a siren to be exact. He proposed to her in this  episode... sorta. there was this thing with Kenzi's mom (that bitch).
Kenzi said she wanted them to take it slow, so that it didn't end up badly. (Bitch Mom's Boyfriend is the reason Kenzi lived on the street before she met Bo)
That they had all the time in the world.

When she said that I flashed back to a previous episode where Hale's ears had bled.

They bled again in this episode.

then mazimo thrust Kenzi's sword thru him. TT_____TT
Tags: tv: lost girl

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