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  • Wed, 21:12: wow it's going 2 be the high of a lovely -6�C 2morow It'll be snowing tho but it'll feel tropical Might be able 2 watch #GH w/o blankets
  • Wed, 22:01: RT @WilliamShatner: Still high on the Bell CA money raised. We need to find a major corp entity in the US to do a similar event. Calling Ma…
  • Thu, 06:00: RT @sakurai93: omg omg invisible penis blowjob time lololol
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  • finally i has Noe's image song!

    [Nipponsei] True Tears Image Mini Album ~Nostalgic Arietta~ tracklist: 1. Namida no Kioku - eufonius 2. Katagoshi no Sora - eufonius 3. Mou…

  • True Tears Music Dump

    True Tears Drama - MF- True Tears ED & OP ED ... - MF- OP.... - MF- True Tears Image Song Collection - MU- | - MF- scans True…

  • CDJapan vs Customs

    Customs hit me up for $14.59 But I got my CG R2 OST I first press with the poster of the cover & true tears Memories book + DVD with some nice…

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