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dark-alone [userpic]

okies... Zed's mom...

March 5th, 2007 (09:46 pm)

mood: peaceful
music: Run - Snow Patrol

I pray for her death.. is that evil?

Completed watching Chrome.. err i mean Cluster Edge today. Minus all those recap episodes with different characters doing the voice overs it was a good series. I think that's why i got through it so quick, lol. I swear there was a moment where 2 eps in a row were recaps! Or maybe even 3!  So the moral is... they should have made the series 13 eps instead of 25.

Yes I was watching it soling for Yocchin, or at least that was my intent when I first started d/ling the eps, but since starting to view Tokyo Majin, Agate's seiyuu was important as well. Also a couple others.... Like FukuJun! Thought I wasn't going to mention him, didn't you?
Yoshino Hiroyuki as Chrome
Fukuyama Jun as Beryl Jasper
Shimono Hiro as Agate Fluorite
Kishio Daisuke as Fon Aina Sulfur
Suzuki Tatsuhisa as No. 1 (Chrome Team) <-- i called him the eye-patch guy
Suzuki Chihiro as No. 2 (Chrome Team)
Kiuchi Hidenobu as Hematite Ramsbeckite
Kamiya Hiroshi as Rhodo Chrosite <-- oh.. that's why his voice was familar... >.>''''

I managed to squeeze la corda into my Clusters watchings... i mean between Yunoki and Fon... i lean towards Fon XD and between Shimizu and Beryl i lean towards Beryl... I feel like i'm forgeting something.. oh well.. Hihara love!

does anyone else just randomly pick their moods by the picture?

edit: oh! la corda 9 has been subbed so maybe watching of that is in order. ^^

edit #2: lolz i made a Konitan colourbar and forgot to put Haji on it. Now I find that funny. XD See my profile to see it.