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dark-alone [userpic]

KILL la KILL ep 16

February 1st, 2014 (08:34 am)
music: レイジ CV.小西克幸 - とある預言者の、運命 | Powered by Last.fm

what the hell was that about?
srsly that was the cracki-est episode yet. everyone was naked (mostly).
there was an awkward bath scene between mother and daughter....
Guns were hiding penis' oh yes.

oh and  "Life Fibers" are aliens who want to take over the world or something.
and Ryuuko doesn't want to save the world, if that means Senketsu will be just a "Weapon"
Senketsu also did a crack speed recap of the series to date at the start of the episode. There was fast talking, too fast subs to match and lots of vomiting inducing flashing.

Also new OP & ED that don't match up with the series at all.... well the OP does a bit, but that ED is horrid.

themes: aliens, incest, nudity, striped under clothes, cross-dressing, nasty tasting snacks