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That test i mentioned? Well I.... PASSED IT!!! 37/60! Which is like 62% which someone ppl would think is crappy, but this is me, and I suck on tests! It wasn't even a multipule guess test. It was I lovely write, write, write test. Aw, it's monday, lovely monday, and the ground is covered in the first snow here in Barrie. Last nite at around 11pm when it started, I was like don't close the school tomorrow, which would be today now, for I need to sign out some tools from Bernice around 11am. For I have a project due tomorrow, and I need to get it done. Man I hate sculpture! Yesturday, yes Sunday, I was ar the school from 10:30am - 3:30pm. I printed from 10:30am - well i don't know actually, but after I was done there, I went over to the other shop to use a vice to bend my sheet metal. It was all just so fun! Especially since i couldn't clean my screen, for there was no spray nine left!  Well i manged to get 4 colours done anyway.  No I just need 1 more on each edition and I'll be done!
i'm so busy! On Wednesday I'll be at a gallery from 9am til at least 3pm hang the Auction stuff.  Then to continue with the Auction stuff on the 12th there is an Artist Preview, and on the 19th is the Auction!  I get to do pre-setup at 12pm, i just need to find a way there.  And I'll be there until the end im sure.
My 30 square foot drawing project is due on the 16th @8am.  I'm doing a book of 52 pages, and I have 5 done. x_x  
On Thursday I have a painting due! AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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