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Funny... but cute.

I was playing with babel, cuz it's horrible at translating pages....
Shounen Onmyouji... let's try to translate the cast list...

Abe 昌 Hiroshi: Kaida going
っ (mystery of thing): Junko Noda
Crimson lotus: Konishi 克 happiness
Abe clear discernment (the じ it is, the way): Wheat person
Abe clear discernment (youth): Akira Ishida
Fujiwara Akiko: Kobayashi sand seedling
Blue dragon: Satoshi Morikawa 之
Kuni: Takahashi wide tree
Heaven one: Rie Tanaka
Red sparrow: Bell village Kenichi
玄 military affairs: Everyone river Ziyunko
The moon: Hiromi Koo
勾 position: It is quick water リサ
Fujiwara Yukinari: Toshihiko Seki
The Fujiwara Satoshi next: Fukuyama Jun other things

Babel's score:
Seiyuu names right: Noda Junko, Ishida Akira, Tanaka Rie, Seki Toshihiko, & Fukuyama Jun... sorta.
Half right: Kaida Yuuki, Konishi Katsuyuki (i love how it says: Konishi 克 happiness), Morikawa,  & SuzuKen
5 + 2 (half points) = 7 out of 15
Character names: 2 out of 15

So Guren comes up as Crimson lotus, ka? I'll have to try to remember that. ALso this one completely eludes me: "勾 position: It is quick water リサ" ... like who is that? lolz
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