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dark-alone [userpic]

This week What the Hell?

Lost Girl's 4th season finale saw the end of Bo's heart. The  "Warrior" fell in battle. Kenzi scarficed herself to close the portal. The human. That was Sunday night.

Hamatora episode 7
encase you are watching this series but haven't watched todays ep yet
here is a cut
just for you:

Moral KILLED Art!  ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

He stabbed him in the chest at his borther's grave!
He than whispered something to him and then shot him several times with a golden flipping gun!




I'll go back to my puddle now....


Posted by: animelondon (animelondon)
Posted at: February 19th, 2014 03:57 am (UTC)

O_O okay, I'm going to have to catch up on this show.

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