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Everybody likes that couple, ka?

First off Package #2 should arrive this week sometime. Got an email notification about amazon.ca shipping it. Package #2 is: Ringu 2 (finally i'll be able to see the 2nd one), and Trinity Blood, Chapter 5 LE. Package #1 i can only assume will still arrive between: Mar 21 2007 - Mar 22 2007. I ordered it Nov 2006... pre-ordering sucks, but i can get things cheaper that way ^_^

Anime wise.... Reideen. Is anyone else watching this? Episode 2  came out today, hope someone subs it... >.>  And just 2 more episodes of Kiba for me. *tear*  I'm going to really miss this show.

Job wise... cuz ppl has been asking and i didn't want to say anything. In short: it sucks.  I thought I'd get some training and some direction. I like being told what I need to get done each day.  Here it's like you come in, swipe your card, go to your area (areas in my case), unpack the boxes and put the stuff out.  But why the hell do I have 2 sections?!?  2 annoying sections too. And on top of that everyone is going on vacation starting this week!  Theresa, the girl who was showing me the 'Accessories'  section my first day (who btw had never worked in there before) is gone for the week.  Kim the Marketing Manager, who hired me, is gone for the week. Mary-Ann the women who's kind of in charge of the Lingerie section (my other area) is gone for the week... Please shoot me.  Did I also mention that i work part time 8am - 12pm, so that's only 4hrs, minus a 15 minute break to get an untold amount of stuff done, while helping customers out at the same time?  X_X  So please shoot me.  However my fellow slaves workers seem really nice.

And now.... I've been tagged... I think i was tagged before for something but didn't do it.... XD (and la corda just finished d/ling....)

Tagged by duo_rei

"List seven songs you are into right now, no matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your Live Journal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to."

okay... so out of  1080 audio files i must choose just 7, ka?

(1) 0:00 A.M. - ACiD
Tokyo Majin

(2) Hanafubuki - ACiD
Tokyo Majin

(3) 六花に抱かれて
Shounen Onmyouji DCD1 & OST

SINGLES [Disc 2]

(5) Precious Day - ACiD
ACID 1.5 ~Punk Drunker~

(6) Mirai no Chizu - Shimono Hiro & Yoshino Hiroyuki
Cluster Edge

(7) Last Alliance - Astrogate-0

Tagging: Anyone who wishes to do this who hasn't already and:
amillionfaces, babymagic_1980, swallowtailkite, & shadow_embrace.
Because I know this has been around the seiyuu fans a few times over. ^_^
Tags: anime: kiba, anime: reideen, life: work, stores: amazon

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