dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,


Easter  Sunday  i got too much sin sun (what a bad typo) on the left side of my face.
but now i have this itchy red rash on my cheek that i just can't shake.
Gonna use cortisone cream this week and see what happens.
Maybe i'll take some cold medicine too.

It could just be a sun rash or it could be a sign of something more, i'm not that stupid, i realize this, I just don't have much  faith in Doctors nor the money for the meds.

Srsly it could by Lupus or Lyme disease or skin cancer or sun poisoning or just an allergic reaction to some thing i'm clueless about. But for the love of gods can it just go away already! it's bloody itchy and it's driving me crazy!!
Tags: life

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