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  • Mon, 15:02: Last episode ever of #StarCrossed tonite it better not pull a day 3 of #NursesBall on me
  • Mon, 15:09: The way to my Heart #GH is NOT 70s or 80s music. I'd actually love it if someone played the violin with a piano accompaniment. no? too bad
  • Mon, 15:23: I wish Brad was named something else. That name makes me think of RSPS everytime I hear it! #NursesBall #GH
  • Mon, 15:24: omg 'your way' by MAN WITH A MISSION came on! I LOVE this song! #talent MIA from #NursesBall day 3? maybe.
  • Mon, 15:29: speaking of 70s music... Shit you got me! #RHPS oh! next yr how about everyone singing 'the time wrap'? pls! pls! #NursesBall #GH
  • Mon, 15:44: Brucas? is that what we R using cant we just use LucasxBrad or BradxLucas? who ever the seme is! #GH #NursesBall wrongSide of worldThinkin
  • Mon, 15:45: i have 1178 songs on this playlist; 13 of them R MWAM yet it just wants to play those. weird.
  • Mon, 15:47: this is my Japanese playlist. the english one only: 231... somehow. that's a lot of NA music... the hell?
  • Mon, 15:50: i was looking 4 something else i swear! but Eddie Gomez: https://t.co/NWrsq9S2mI #NursesBall #GH
  • Mon, 16:03: i've got 'baby come back' stuck in my head! heads will roll for this! Let's try βιoζ by Sawano Hiroyuki feat. Kobayashi Mika 2 save me! #GH
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