dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

oh Twitter spam!

The Nurses Ball 2014 is over. So watch that spam fall.

Star-Crossed is over too. :/  William Shatner even tried to help them out. Thumbs Up to an awesome guy who will always be pro Sci-fi

Once Upon A Time season Finale finally gave us CaptainSwan fans what we wanted. It was epic.

The Crazy Ones got cancelled. :/
The Tomorrow People: Cancelled.
Star-Crossed was cancelled (if you didn't get that already) We Draylor fans are extremely pissed. Baby Draylor would have been something to see.

and apparently 2 & a 1/2 men. But i do not care.

But fear not! iZombie is coming soon.... srsly wtf? and a big FU the CW.




and ok one more....

Tags: chara: emma swan, chara: killian jones, tv: once upon

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