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  • Mon, 22:17: Ok so Loki wears like 50 layers of clothing! Well at least I hv his eyes done
  • Mon, 22:20: and no this isn't that Loki from the marvel things. -_-
  • Mon, 22:22: yeah i just realized that ppl might be confusing Loki with Marvel and not Norse God that he is... lol
  • Mon, 22:45: ok i've decided what is the jacket and that that other thing is some foreign object that doesn't go under the vest cuz it can't.
  • Mon, 22:57: He's coming along. He's stressful and causing me to swear... a lot, but he's coming along. Loki - Kamigami no Asobi http://t.co/fCWDz6jADu
  • Mon, 23:09: ok i need to go to bed...
  • Mon, 23:10: and the #rookieBlue spoilers aren't phasing me at all. never seen last season yet. lol
  • Mon, 23:26: Ok so The Phantom 2009 aired in Canada on The Movie Network. Still no good. Cut that channel to save monies.
  • Tue, 06:45: tick tick tick
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