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  • Sat, 13:39: now that it's almost 2pm I should probably get some lunch...
  • Sat, 13:42: There it is! There it is! Kamigami no Asobi ep 8 1080p!
  • Sat, 13:58: o.... m.... g.... Apollon made life size creepy Santas!
  • Sat, 13:59: ehhh!??! giant creepy ass Santa candles omg omg omg.... breathe... just breathe
  • Sat, 14:45: ah Loki so that's what you and Thor were talking about in the first episode...
  • Sat, 20:09: holly shit that little kid is so scary! oh Livi Livi Livi. Soredemo sekai no Utsukushii
  • Sat, 20:16: ah that was stress and not a happy ending. Now to finish lining Takeru's feet & shoes. My 1st time lining toes. I'm /thrilled/ really.
  • Sat, 22:18: RT @dcconfidential: All My Children's Matthew Cowles Dead at 69 http://t.co/knwCKxHnW1
  • Sat, 22:20: RT @tokyoreporter: Sanrio takes big risk with new strategy http://t.co/LhWWj0f2GK Hello Kitty is having a midlife crisis... http://t.co/nwO
  • Sun, 00:14: The Japanese version of 'Let It Go' is pretty good. The English version not so much. :p
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