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  • Fri, 14:18: I'm having a d�j� vu moment with Molly & Ric. Why? #GH
  • Fri, 14:22: I can only imagine what Elizabeth has to go thru working for the person who shot her #GH
  • Fri, 14:27: Erm Elizabeth you shouldn't face off w Dr O #GH
  • Fri, 14:28: @RebeccaLHerbst did make me cry a little just now tho #GH
  • Fri, 14:32: Commercial break: "I have Sam in my pants right now." - Poise Thanks for that odd odd commercial #GH
  • Fri, 14:34: Sonny can say awkward things to Duke without flinching #GH lol
  • Fri, 14:36: Because we believe that Molly knows how to listen #GH
  • Fri, 14:50: Sometimes I wonder why some are even watching #GH they think the ham actors can act & every1 else sucks. Too funny!
  • Fri, 14:53: Sonny this isn't just about you. When is he gonna start posting selfies? Lol #GH
  • Fri, 14:59: #GH The ones that what to be loved are ignored; & the ones are pursued don't want it lol
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