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  • Wed, 14:09: What a bitch. I hate Nina. #GH
  • Wed, 14:10: That's guilt Michael lol #GH
  • Wed, 14:11: Talking about Georgie in the past tense is a bit morbid #GH
  • Wed, 14:13: Maxie you are freaking out. Not hardcore like your Mother can but still freaking out #GH
  • Wed, 14:21: Wow @dom_zamprogna is on fire today! Awesome job! #GH
  • Wed, 14:22: Oh shut up bitch. You so do want to cause problems #GH
  • Wed, 14:27: Maxie will most likely get visitations with Georgie to start with They won't rip her away from her Daddy after all #GH
  • Wed, 14:29: Franco, Sonny always comes first with Carly. Best learn that now. #GH
  • Wed, 14:33: Or not WTH? Only 4 ppl knew Nathan lied so dumb move boy #GH
  • Wed, 14:48: I miss the brownstone #GH
  • Wed, 14:50: Levi's glare just made my Popsicle commit suicide. So sad. ;( #GH
  • Wed, 14:57: Honeymoon's over #GH
  • Wed, 21:19: my wage went up 10 cents! that's the 2nd time in less then 2 months it's increased. normally it's a nickel every 2+ years. lol
  • Wed, 21:24: For some reason i have a hard time recognizing Chris Evans. He must have a forgettable face or something.
  • Wed, 21:44: ah humidity is effecting my crimson spell vol 4. I just got the damned thing! Stupid heat!
  • Thu, 06:33: Apparently 1 of those i'm following is actually watching that football thing. But just one.
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