dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Wow that's a lot of twitter spam

but it lets you know i'm still alive at least lol

Got No.6 volume 7 this week. Just 2 more remaining to complete my NA release set and actually read what happened lol
Crimson Spell vol 4 arrived as well.

HLJ box with my Nendoroid Eren (SnK or AoT), Jiji hand fans (Kiki's delivery service), KILL la KILL Bromides (jumbo trading cards with gum even) & KlK swings.

Pics later. Maybe. Also working on my 2nd Loki vector. This one is a screencap from ep 11.
Tags: anime: kamigami, anime: no6, merch: figures, stores: amazon, stores: hobby link japan, twitter, yaoi

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