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dark-alone [userpic]

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June 27th, 2014 (12:03 pm)

  • Thu, 13:55: I'm sorry but 'a spiritual cleansing' at a legit business location? Lol these commercials. Also the guy can't even say Street name right lol
  • Thu, 14:01: Oh Dr O's a Franco fan! #GH
  • Thu, 14:03: #GH has the skinniest roads I've ever seen. Maybe I need a 2nd look....
  • Thu, 14:05: Gods how hard is it to say Dufferin? oh these commercials #GH
  • Thu, 14:13: That's not a road. That's a 2 lane bike path! #GH
  • Thu, 14:25: Please give Franco a purpose! Pls Dr O! #GH
  • Thu, 14:32: If Sam lays down on that road she's just fit over both lanes explain how 2 cars can fit #GH
  • Thu, 14:34: Ugh migraine and this lack of attention to deal is making it worse #GH
  • Thu, 14:37: Wow sudden downpour while its sunny out #GH
  • Thu, 14:41: So much for watching #samtrick gonna watch for flooding #GH
  • Thu, 14:47: Stop raining cuz I wanna see the rest. Of the show! #GH
  • Thu, 14:49: Never say you'd do anything #GH
  • Thu, 14:51: When was the last time it stormed on #GH ?
  • Thu, 14:54: The thing with Rafe is, his whole life he just had his mom and she was kinda crazy Now he doesn't know what to do #GH
  • Thu, 14:58: Ok I missed like 20mins of the show. figures we get a freak downpour on the Nina-free day :/ #GH
  • Thu, 15:13: People aren't gonna "get" Rafe. They'll just see some stupid kid who turned to drugs Most don't get the addiction factor of drugs either #GH
  • Thu, 15:14: RT @krisalderson: I heard my scenes with Rafe aired today @GeneralHospital so nice getting to work with him!
  • Thu, 15:58: ok time for some allergy meds