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  • Tue, 14:13: Cuz cocaine is cool? But heroin isn't? Who is writing these things? #GH
  • Tue, 14:17: Btw it is Heroin. Heroine is the female version of Hero! Get with it already! #GH
  • Tue, 14:24: Why did we have this press conference? I'm not getting the point. Nor it's location. #GH
  • Tue, 14:29: What happened during May sweeps? I can't remember. #GH
  • Tue, 14:35: I'd actually forgotten about Scotty being Franco's dad lol That's saying something, right? #GH
  • Tue, 14:39: It did sound a bit like a suicide note. Way to over do it Spencer. #GH
  • Tue, 14:43: Thank you, Sam. But it won't stick thanks up SnakeNina #GH
  • Tue, 14:51: I've been watching Lucy & Bobbie on mute cuz I hv a migraine but it doesn't seem that important anyway. #GH
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