dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

There once was this woman....

Beautiful in every way.
She would share spoilers and events for the ABC Soaps.
She touched so many lives without even physically meeting them.

Then she was diagnosed with Epithelioid Angiosarcoma in 2011. She fought with every fiber of her being. Tooth and claw. She battled with insurance companies and the FDA to get the drugs she needed to win this battle.

May 2014 she delivered the news that finally she was in remission. We rejoiced at the news. Finally a victory! No one more deserving for such an event; a miracle.
Her body was a mess. After all the chemo treatments had failed her and the miracle drug aided for a while and the other alt. meds. She had even acquired Shingles.

She posted about being on the mend and the shingles being gone on June 23rd.

And then on July 26th the most devastating post on her Facebook:

"Hi everyone, this is John. I'm posting to let you know that Raven passed away last night at about 8pm."

I just can't believe that someone with so much drive and will to live is no more. John was her fiancee. He stood by her through all of this and never faltered. He didn't abandon her.
It was long road to get to him and now it's over. Such a fighting spirited, but all the treatments just wrecked her body. The human body is such a fragile thing. It can be broken so easily and then it's gone.

She had left instructions to John to post a letter she had written on her facebook page for us. She was at peace with everything. She had found God and was happy.
Her good friend Catherine Hickland (actress) posted a tribute on her Facebook page. It was beautiful.

I miss seeing her updates on FB. I will miss her ever so. Hopefully I will be able to say her nick: 'RavenBeauty' out loud soon without crying. But for now I will grieve for a beautiful soul now gone.

RIP RavenBeauty SoapDiva
May you find the peace you so desired without pain, Beautiful girl.
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