dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Frozen Japan Version

My copy came in the mail on Monday. So i've now seen this movie. Did i like it? Sure. Was it the bestest movie evar!? No.

Posted this on FB:
"Ok I've now watched "Frozen" Japanese version. Story wise: C (let's face it, it was rushed, and yet ran 1hr 42mins)
music: BGM = D (let's face the facts African Lion King chanting music didn't fit at all)
Songs: B- Only because they were in Japanese could I stand to listen to them. If in English I'd give those a F.
My subs were for the English audio track so that sorta sucked in terms of the music.
The animation was classic disney.. aka a little rough. Sometimes polishing is best.
I'll probably watch it again though."

The Japanese version of "Let it Go" aka "Ari no Mama de" is the best version of the song. There is no annoying: "Let it Go, let it go.... let it blah blah"

Anyways scanned the cover and reverse:



What i'll do for the 2nd veiwing is print out the japanese lyrics to all the songs so I can sing along/have translations of what they are singing opposed to the english version subs.
Tags: movies: frozen, scans

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