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So John posted an update on FB about a public memorial for Raven, and upon seeing her pic and post for a moment, just the smallest moment I thought: 'oh hey it's Raven! she's posting an update...' and then i remembered.

And then I noticed Stephen Macht (an actor) had posted something. So I read that and cried a little.

Stephen Macht John and Friends of Raven Beauty: Today I participated in a Blast From the Past (25-30 actors) for General Hospital at the Sportsman's Lodge in Studio City, Ca. Here is part of what I said to a gathering of over 200 GH fans: "I thank you all for your support through the years but I want to take a moment now, to publicly memorialize a dear friend of mine who recently passed away, Raven Beauty. She was the wonderful and passionate "Soap Diva," whose blogs and articulate writing supported us all, and me in particular, with grace, wt and humanity for so many years." There was a long and sustained applause. I closed with "Onward and upward." And thought to myself, Raven is taking notes and having a reunion of her own simultaneously! As they say, "My lips hopefully to G-d's ears."

Raven was 52 years old.

On July 29th my Grandma would have been 80 years old.

Now to change gears...

WIP dark-alone dmmd noiz1a by headstro on deviantART

I'm alive. Sad but still here.
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