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dark-alone [userpic]

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August 6th, 2014 (12:03 pm)

  • Tue, 14:03: Oh god that haircut... No no no! Bad cut Robin! #GH
  • Tue, 14:19: Knots Landing... Golden girls come on! Lets use these characters not just fill time with them #GH
  • Tue, 14:22: And enough with the towels and bare chests! I want stories! I also want a week or 2 w/o Nina! #GH
  • Tue, 14:24: Ok I also want Britt to be smart again #GH
  • Tue, 14:27: I love Spencer @NicolasJBechtel He's so awesome #GH
  • Tue, 14:30: Robin either needs short short hair or long this length doesn't work #GH
  • Tue, 14:32: Robin, girl... Srsly do u think Patrick would waste time looking for u? U left them! U abandoned Emma! Ffs woman! #GH
  • Tue, 14:35: I feel I just got a repeat just now lol #GH
  • Tue, 14:43: Ok Robin go look up Nina Clay since u hv access to the computers.... #GH
  • Tue, 14:45: In before we have a 3-some porno... Blah #GH
  • Tue, 14:46: Ric who? #GH
  • Tue, 14:50: Ok I'm at my limit WTH happened to the writing? Are the brains on permanent hiatus? Only bloody Nina is being written right. This is BS #GH
  • Tue, 14:51: #NotANinaFreeDay #GH
  • Tue, 14:54: Remember Robin CHOSE to leave. She CHOSE this over her family. Over Patrick. And over Emma #GH
  • Tue, 14:59: Oh it was just getting good... Take out the filler & empty speeches and this ep ran 10mins max #GH
  • Tue, 15:00: Robin spoke a lot but said nothing. The triangle was a waste of talent & airtime #GH
  • Tue, 15:02: RT @WilliamShatner: Dear @sesamestreet have you thought about creating a Jared and Jensen muppet skit where they chase around silent letter…
  • Tue, 15:06: They put all that effort into the Nurses ball and it's been downhill since than. Even the bomb @ Alexis' fizzled into meaninglessness #GH
  • Tue, 16:02: I'm almost at 5000 tweets. i know that's not much for most but until i starting tweeting during #GH I barely tweeted at all.
  • Tue, 16:03: of course i used to barely tweet during #GH since there was a lot going on and the storylines were epic so u couldn't tweet while watching
  • Tue, 16:05: so basically now during #GH i turn into 1 of those handheld zombies. *shake shead in disgust*