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dark-alone [userpic]

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August 14th, 2014 (12:04 pm)

  • Wed, 14:03: Screw the towels give me the wedding!!! #GH
  • Wed, 14:04: Thank you! #GH
  • Wed, 14:06: Ok could we just have the wedding in this ep? The rest is filler crap. #GH
  • Wed, 14:11: When a Man U love dies usually u mourn it. So could we have Elizabeth mourn pls? #GH
  • Wed, 14:13: But by the time Dante unties Nathan it'll be tomorrow! #GH
  • Wed, 14:14: Was it haircut day for some of the guys? #GH
  • Wed, 14:20: How does anyone watch 10 eps of the golden girls in a row exactly? #GH
  • Wed, 14:21: Well he can run with tied hands! Hurry! #GH
  • Wed, 14:23: Thank u Maxie! But Levi's got that gun still. And he really wants those jewels #GH
  • Wed, 14:26: 'Come on Joey... Pick Dawson or Pacey!' We don't want that lengthy battle here, do we? #GH
  • Wed, 14:28: A 3 way conversation maybe. Wedding pls! #GH
  • Wed, 14:30: How big is that boat? #GH
  • Wed, 14:31: About flippin' time! And did Dante get lost? Lol #GH
  • Wed, 14:32: Nathan may have a concussion, but what's Dante's excuse? #GH
  • Wed, 14:36: Sonny... U make out with Carly and try to get Olivia back at the same time Is Lucas related to you? #GH
  • Wed, 14:37: Carly that married Man U speak of was Lucas Daddy. My god this script! #GH
  • Wed, 14:39: It's a threesome. A three way? Wut? Dear gods... The wedding now! #GH
  • Wed, 14:42: Ah hero Dante. I see I see. Like a d�j� vu thing cept it was John there & Dante where Nathan is.... #GH
  • Wed, 14:53: The Haunted Star is the place for hostage takings isn't it? So a great place to have a wedding. #GH
  • Wed, 14:58: A secret partner! Oh perfect! #GH
  • Wed, 14:59: Since some fool retweeted a spoiler I DIDN'T want to see I was wondering how Levi would get both girls #GH
  • Wed, 15:02: But pls Dante! Why didn't you shoot him in the back? And hey if you took out Lulu at the same time I'd have been ok with that #GH
  • Wed, 15:05: I feel embarrassed for some of the cast on how shit is written for them #GH
  • Wed, 15:54: ok that preview for the next episode of Free! was just to much for me... XD 'kiss me' #free
  • Wed, 15:55: also they need to stop having Nagisa & Rei do the preview voice-overs (see: love stage) #Free
  • Wed, 16:19: omg we're at my favourite part of the manga of Love Stage!! When Izumi stops by Ryoma's place.... oh the nose bleeds X'D
  • Wed, 16:26: now if i could just get #GH to flow story wise like Love Stage!! (anime or manga) we could get something going here instead of towels
  • Wed, 16:27: there was the appearance of a towel in this week's episode of Love Stage!! though #GH #towelsNotJustAGHThing
  • Wed, 16:27: oh btw it was #ANinaFreeDay #GH
  • Wed, 17:55: i've been w/o realizing it re-watching anime starring Seki Tomokazu: Psycho-Pass, Ryvius and now Escaflowne. Wanted to watch GSD next but--
  • Wed, 17:59: --best to break the cycle. Must avoid Chobits & kobato too. & well The Skull Man, Wei� Kreuz. good thing i didn't buy Card Captor Sakura yet
  • Wed, 21:41: omg that moment when Ryoma sees Izumi wearing his shirt and asking where his underwear is, is priceless! Ryoma thinking: 'commando'
  • Wed, 21:43: but the best part is Ryoma sitting on the floor beside his bed (w Izumi in it) asking: 'What kind of test is this, Kamisama?' lol
  • Wed, 21:49: next week Izumi starts to 'feel' for Ryoma (★^O^★)
  • Wed, 22:21: no!! Rei's glasses are fake!!! (Love Stage!! not Free!) Why?! that's so wrong!!
  • Wed, 22:27: ok apparently Rei is too attractive when he doesn't wear glasses. makes sense...
  • Wed, 22:29: for some reason my J Drive: 'Debito' wouldn't let me access my BL folder in the Manga folder or anything unless i went thru System Care--
  • Wed, 22:29: -- *insert a small... HUGE amount of panic here* but it's ok now. hopefully. *twitches*
  • Wed, 22:31: and then my portable external (Noiz) didn't want to power on, but that was a loose USB cable. Shit comes in 3s right? i'm so screwed.
  • Wed, 22:34: September scanlations is doing: Setsuna Graffiti Kino sensei's new manga!
  • Wed, 22:36: I"m actually trying really hard to not read the last 2 volumes of No.6 before i get the NA releases. I have the Japanese copies. but u know
  • Wed, 22:48: ok i'm clearly not doing Noiz's bunny faces tonight. #NotDoingVectorWork #DMMD