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  • Thu, 15:35: Want to honour Robin Williams? Consider donating to @StJude in his memory.
  • Thu, 16:44: ok so Agent Scribner is Jamil Walker Smith and I guarantee u that 1 episode of #SPN he was in, is where i know him from #GH pilot of SPN
  • Thu, 17:34: ok these block bunny faces suck! #DMMD #NotWorkingWellOnVector
  • Thu, 17:35: took me 30+ mins to sorta like one of the bloody faces! 2.5 more to do! #DMMD #Noiz #VectorHell
  • Thu, 17:36: but thankful my hands are letting me work on them today though.
  • Thu, 17:37: Listening to: "Water Surprise!" by STYLE FIVE
  • Thu, 17:38: Water Surprise! audio if you are wondering. A fun song. http://t.co/KH1unGSGc7
  • Thu, 17:40: So will Levi, Scribner, Maxie & lulu make it to Canada? I think not. lol #GH
  • Thu, 17:45: The first time i watched Aladdin it was in French. Never looked back. :/ Aside from listening to ひと足お先に 【アラジン】 by Sugita Tomokazu that is
  • Thu, 20:44: ok these bunny faces aren't gonna finish themselves! after an 8 ep Escaflowne break it's back to it! or a game. i dunno. both?
  • Thu, 20:45: play game and leave Photoshop open apparently I can do that. It's only running 76% ram & 42% CPU.
  • Thu, 20:49: btw Photoshop, foobar, & firefox are sucking 65% ram. well let's face it System Care is sucking half that alone.
  • Thu, 20:52: Listening to: "Hill Of Sorrow" by Sawano Hiroyuki feat. mpi #GuiltyCrown
  • Thu, 20:54: RT @jlist: Oh, Woody… http://t.co/b25EvxJZjA
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    Thu, 20:11: RT @ AkioOtsuka: ワクチンの副反応 2回目の方がきつい と、聞いていた、が、 気持ち悪くもないし 熱発もない。。 これは 歳とってるから?( ;∀;)? Fri, 08:59: RT @ hanae0626: こんにちは🌞…

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    Wed, 22:32: RT @ hanae0626: おはようございます🌞 https://t.co/XKj7bhAxfx Wed, 22:40: RT @ wyxt_official: 本日もリアタイお疲れ様でした 本日は少しヒヤッとしました、この先の行く末はーー。❄️…

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    Tue, 14:20: RT @ KAJI__OFFICIAL: 🥎🥇

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