dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Tokyo Ghoul has gifted us with... well a hell of a lot of new cast

Hayami Sho as Hoji
Kaji Yuki as Ayato (Touka's little brother)
Itou Kentarou as Banjo
Tachibana Shinnosuke is Takizawa

still trying to use my seiyuu ears to figure out how I know Takizawa's voice...

Hayami brings the total shared seiyuu between Tokyo Ghoul & Aldnoah.Zero to 6 (that i'm aware of)

seiyuu -- Aldnoah --- Tokyo Ghoul
Hanae Natsuki -- Inaho / Kaneki (lead role)
Amamiya Sora -- Asseylum / Touka (lead role)
Ookawa Tooru -- Saazbaum / Mado
Sakurai Takahiro -- Trilliam  / Uta
Toriumi Kousuke --  Dr. Yagarai Soma /  Dr. Fueguchi
Hayami Sho -- Cruhteo / Hoji

some of the above have since been killed off.... it's been a rough season. >.>
Tags: anime: aldnoah zero, anime: tokyo ghoul

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