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tribble, tribble, tribble....

Why do ppl go to see movies? first off the whine and complain about the prices for the ticket and the food, but on the other hand they still go... i painted a image of a girl in black with her head and knife off the canvas, with a body at the bottom, 'the body' and 'the killer' In class Matt asked what that was about... i answered: you when ppl just keep annoying you? Amd then just @ one point, one moment you can't take it anymore you snap *snaps fingers* hence "girl killed her roommate" Yeah so, maybe when i paint i'm venting, alright? or maybe it just works with my them of disturbing images... who knows...? Plus i've been posting more at: http://headstro.deviantart.com/ than here.... this is notable to post here too, or so i think...

"So day I was looking through the obituaries for K-W, and stumbled upon: LLOYD, Paul Norman. Paul...? Isn't that? I knew, but I questioned anyway. That's what we do isn't it? Look at something sad, and try to write it off... ? From grade 3 to the end of High school, I was best friends with Julie Lloyd, now Julie Thiessen, living in St. Catherines, whom I never see anymore. But that's what happens in little towns, the kids when old enough leave and grow roots in bigger, brighter places right? Julie's dad was 53 years old, born April 11, 1951, died Novemeber 14th, 2004."

Denis Leary kicks ass!  3 things: smoking, beer, and coffee.  so much fucking fun!  I love it!  Herny Rollins is a high reccommendation too!


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