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dark-alone [userpic]

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September 4th, 2014 (12:03 pm)

  • Wed, 14:11: Ok missed the beginning again #GH
  • Wed, 14:12: And than I get Harpy & Yawny again. How can they talk about the same thing ever day for months? #GH
  • Wed, 14:13: And it's just Victor. I hope no one was shocked #GH
  • Wed, 14:18: Did I miss that 1 day every 7 days that Nina isn't on? #GH
  • Wed, 14:22: Ok see? This is what should be on an ep w Victor & gang.... Those being affected by it! Not Nina! Not Yawny! Not even Harpy! #GH
  • Wed, 14:27: Ok for the last time! Ava let Carlos believe she was the one who ran Patrick off the road. Victor revealed he did it later!!! #GH
  • Wed, 14:29: Kiki TELL Franco; Franco get recording to cops; Cops rid us of Sonny!!! #GH
  • Wed, 14:32: Victor wouldn't shoot to kill. For some reason he needs both girls. #GH
  • Wed, 14:35: Oh Carly you only love yourself and there's a word for that honey #GH
  • Wed, 14:37: Patrick, unlike most on this show, has a brain #GH
  • Wed, 14:40: Gah! Victor don't shoot your son! Don't be Sonny! #GH
  • Wed, 14:43: Saved! #GH
  • Wed, 14:44: Ask questions first, than shoot. I like this guy #GH
  • Wed, 14:46: Finally the good stuff! The stuff I remember #GH for! Too bad all this other shit is in the way
  • Wed, 14:46: Patrick.... Don't let me down #GH
  • Wed, 14:48: Carly you bitch, back the fuck off! #GH
  • Wed, 14:52: I'm loving Sabrina right now. Poor thing just wants justice for her son like anyone should & standing up to Ava? Takes a lot @TeresaLuvz #GH
  • Wed, 14:54: Keeping in mind Carlos believes it was Ava so Sabrina does too aka don't blame her #GH
  • Wed, 14:55: I love Nathan talking about his sister #GH
  • Wed, 14:56: Ok Patrick... Tell me! #GH