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dark-alone [userpic]

(^o^) WTF? lolz

April 1st, 2007 (03:19 pm)
music: Ever After

Guren-Lagann.... One thought... WTF? lolz
Well we've got Kamina (Konitan), and there's Simon (Kakihara Tetsuya), I guess Simon is the main one of the 3... oh yeah and a girl Yoko (Inone Marina)

So yeah, it's a tad wacky for my taste but it's Konitan! Maybe I'll get used to it, and maybe someone will sub it... yes?
Completely reminds me of FLCL tho. :/

I think I could learn to love this one.  I don't do wacky, but... I'm intriged by Konitan's character. (/^.^)/

Got the D.Gray-man OST finally... nice tunes, naturally. Still hunting for Kyoshiro to towa no sora's OST. 
Bought 3 anime magazines this weekend... NewType USA April, anime Insider apr, and SFX's anime special (British mag). Insider had a bunch of Bleach cards inside it... got a few triples XD, but they pretty Ichigo ones, so i'm fine with it.  Also got a plushie of Syaoran to go with my Kurogane one. Also vol 3 of Erementar Gerad. And I picked up my first TB novel on Friday.. i'm all animed/manga-ed up. XD Now to just decide which box set to get: Chrno Crusade or D.N.Angel for my birthday.. which is in what? 9ish days? @_@  Leaning towards D.N.Angel for Ishida and Ryoutarou luv. ^_^