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dark-alone [userpic]

My tweets

September 12th, 2014 (12:04 pm)

  • Thu, 14:40: I need compassionate Sabrina right now! Err-- Stat! #GH
  • Thu, 14:43: Parents aside there is a pregnant woman in a lot of pain here. Help her! #GH
  • Thu, 14:49: ...murdered by Victor & Fluke. Yep. Well no. Germs killed your baby. And poor medical care. & low budget #GH
  • Thu, 14:51: I see 2 jobs for Dr O to cut: Felix & Sabrina #GH
  • Thu, 14:51: Burns my butter? Wtf? #GH
  • Thu, 14:53: Silas: or I could just kill myself. #GH
  • Thu, 14:58: If Sabrina harms that Baby 2 mobs will be after her. <insert brain here> #GH
  • Thu, 15:15: WTF? Jason has a mask like Jason from Friday the 13th! this is gonna be traumatic ep isn't it? #TokyoGhoul
  • Thu, 15:21: apparently I don't do well with cannibalism or torture or where ever the fuck he put that bug! #TokyoGhoul
  • Thu, 15:22: #TokyoGhoul is giving me goosebumps
  • Thu, 15:35: oh gods... but next week it's white haired Kaneki time #TokyoGhoul
  • Thu, 15:38: ok to my neighbours i'm done swearing and cursing.. for now. And i should be done saying 'oh my god' over & over now too #TokyoGhoul
  • Thu, 16:23: ok 'Zankyou no Terror' ep 9 has been watched. cliffhanger. Nothing bad better happen to my Nine!
  • Thu, 16:24: i'm still wearing my work clothes. Got home and had a new backdoor and the guys were plugged into our outside outlet! Using OUR power!
  • Thu, 16:25: This is why I told Mom we needed to have it turned off. It's OFF now. Bastards. #ldnont
  • Thu, 20:06: err-- Facebook isn't loading for me....
  • Thu, 20:08: but apparently it's just not working for me. awesome.
  • Thu, 20:14: finally throwing Space Pirate Captain Harlock on my USB drive so i can watch it via the media player on my TV. Awesomely computer animated!
  • Thu, 20:15: so i think it maybe STILL cloudy here tmw. So much for #InternationalSunriseSunsetDay :/
  • Thu, 20:21: so i decided to get Trinity Blood on Blu-ray while in the middle of my rewatch of it on DVD... so far so good.lol