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Aldnoah.Zero OST Lyrics

Yup I typed them out myself from the booklet. l/r issues and all. As is.

TR01 No differences
Lyrics --- Benjamin Anderson & mpi
Music --- Sawano Hiroyuki
Vocal --- Aimee Blackschleger

Got over it ages ago
Where we were from the same river
Thinking about how we lost our minds
I don't care about old trouble
Many wars wherever you go
Somebody please!
Can we stop all the fights?
I'll do it because it's my turn

Take a step back
Please face up to reality YES!
You don't hear me No!
You can change that if you want
But don't you know?
There are people crying everyday
Let's fly away
For Earth and Mars today!

Don't stop me now
Look around the world
Don't know how to stop the war
Hello. But Are we sure enough?
You'll come back tomorrow
But I need to know that
Look around the world
So What are we fighting for?
Can I ask you?
Why the sky is blue?
There's no difference
You and me

*&** Repeat

Coz It's time to wake you up!
Over there my friend now
Come on take my hand
Take it now
See, Far away
See the dawn
It's time to grow
Over there my friend
Here we are
Come on! Just share this perfect sky
See the dawn

Hold me now
Catch my hopes
Feel me now In your arms

TR09 AL℃-@
Lyrics --- Rie
Music --- Sawano Hiroyuki
Vocal --- Cyua

Ich reich dir meine Hand?
Was siehst du in der Hand?
Dein verlorener Schatz
Was zögerst du?
Ich sag

Ich reich dir meine Hand
Was siehst du in der Hand?
Mein verlorener Schlüssel
Was zögerst du?

Bist du bereit, an die Frint zu gehen?
Traust du dich, die Tür zu öffnen?
Die Kraft leuchtet wie der Vollmond
Die Zukunft kann man nur ändern, nicht kennen

Bist du bereit, an die Frint zu gehen?
Traust du dich, die Tür zu öffnen?
Die Kraft leuchtet wie der Vollmond
Du weißt, was du tun sollst

TR10 The Call to Arms
Lyrics --- Benjamin Anderson & mpi
Music --- Sawano Hiroyuki
Vocal --- mpi

In the darkest place
We found that dim light
Come on brother sister
Power of the Aldnoah
Time to fight back

Conquer the earth, It's for out empire
For its plentiful water and rich air
For a seed to glow, We need fertile soil
For our children's children
Can have it all

Wipe out vermin Barbarians!
With the supreme key that we hold
Her death delivered the truth to us
All of our love, and Sorrow, Anger
The declaration of war


Lyrics --- cAnON.
Music --- Sawano Hiroyuki
Vocal --- Kobayashi Mika

Share me your madness that you keep in
Show that you're scared like me
Thus we are teens
Wash my hands of that for this?
Sell myself for this hopeless loop
May I have seen your face somewhere sometime?
You freeze my blood and spine
So freak me out
Like a look in a mirror
Face my Dopplegänger
How 'bout you? Aren't you?

Beware of attentions, entourages and mates
You are what you do
Depress your mentions, ain't got to be a bighead
You are what you fool

Right now
Burn your soul, neck or nothing
Burn it out 'til you're losing your reason
Forget the stoned reason to drive it
Just to scribe your existence
Not a crime, your insistence
Die another day
So do I
Burn your soul, neck or nothing
Burn it out, let me charge in your advance
I'm watching for the chance to beat it
Even though my body's shaking
I'll give it all, deadly bumping
Cuz you make me feel

Share me your sadness that you keep in
Know that you're played around
Thus we are green
Kind of harsh misfortune ran
So-called Yin and Yang among us
Are you really serious to save her right now?
Get ready to give your life, willing or not
Have the real foresight a few
Unwanted déjà vu
All 'bout you, warn you



There you go.
Tags: anime: aldnoah zero, lyrics, music: sawano hiroyuki

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