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  • Mon, 14:05: So anyone say: car crash? To explain the face change? #GH
  • Mon, 14:12: Duke who? #GH
  • Mon, 14:12: Ah it's 80s return day on #GH
  • Mon, 14:24: Yes Robin. Just notice that now? Maybe less talking & more paying attention would be good #GH
  • Mon, 14:32: #GH
  • Mon, 14:34: Oh Franco Carly's acting so guilty & I know u want her to be yours, but she's not the town whore for no reason Sorry honey #GH
  • Mon, 14:41: Thank u Kiki. Now Franco get that recording, bai-bai Sonny & free Carlos #GH
  • Mon, 14:46: That's right shoot those knocked out. How low can you go? Sonny needs to go #GH
  • Mon, 14:51: Sonny killed AJ and he NEEDS to f*cking pay dammit! #GH
  • Mon, 14:52: Those key card doors if you don't shut them completely the don't lock. Common sense #GH
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