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  • Tue, 14:14: Okay a bit late but tuning into the commercials of #GH
  • Tue, 14:17: That's a secret Nina. S-e-c-r-e-t #GH
  • Tue, 14:18: Sonny you cur you shot that woman in the head. You ate sick #GH
  • Tue, 14:20: Can't any of these ppl just shoot someone in the head? Is that too complex? #GH
  • Tue, 14:21: We need an episode of #GH where everyone who has a gun goes to the shooting range to get certified
  • Tue, 14:27: The thing is Julian's not lying, that isn't Luke #GH
  • Tue, 14:29: The only thing important to Sonny himself #GH
  • Tue, 14:30: So if Michael just shot coby is self defence will they cover that up too? #GH
  • Tue, 14:50: When the crazy person thinks you're losing it, u know you're in trouble #GH
  • Tue, 14:53: Michael's the human in a show of vampires, so he's Matt #TVD the regular 'boring' normal person that u, the viewer can relate to #GH
  • Tue, 17:47: Ebola in the US. So tell me why is it exactly we are allowing ppl into our countries from these locations? Isn't that like fanning a flame?
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