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  • Wed, 14:27: Ok so I missed the start but when did Maxie & Morgan become BFFs? #gh
  • Wed, 14:28: Julian didn't go after Michael. Why does everyone believe Sonny 24/7? #gh
  • Wed, 14:32: It's clearly Jason's head, Lizzy #gh
  • Wed, 14:36: Silas, everyone in town knows except you lol #gh
  • Wed, 14:37: No Michael it was Jordan who saved you #gh
  • Wed, 14:40: That brownstone layout reminds me of Mac's house b4 it burnt down #gh
  • Wed, 14:44: Did everyone miss the 1st half? I mean those who didn't would know why Maxie's talking to Morgan if paying attention #gh
  • Wed, 14:45: I can't believe he choose Nina over Sam #gh
  • Wed, 14:48: I do enjoy Maxie's craziness tho #gh
  • Wed, 14:49: Which is way you'd be dead if you weren't on a soap, Jordan #gh
  • Wed, 14:51: Whoa Alexis you rock girl! That was awesome @NancyLeeGrahn #julexis #gh
  • Wed, 14:58: How come everything that involves Jason reminds me of the Halloween/Michael Meyers series. The music too lolz Classic creepy #gh
  • Wed, 15:00: There are only 2 ppl that continuously bring up that Danny's donor thing: Sonny & Ava #gh #fact
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