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  • Thu, 13:56: Season 6 of #TVD starts tonight! I'm excited! Has to be better than #OUAT was it was horrid
  • Thu, 14:05: Sitting watching #GH but thinking about #TVD ... Lol
  • Thu, 14:12: Sonny, Michael has a real job, he can't just go away to an island you Baka #GH
  • Thu, 14:15: You see the thing is I didn't even miss Jason. If we get rid of Sonny & his mob shit aka Sean we'd free up so much for everyone #GH
  • Thu, 14:17: Is Carly gonna wear that necklace everyday? XD #GH
  • Thu, 14:26: Of course when Jason 'died' Sam had John that person that never existed and it was great #GH
  • Thu, 14:28: Carly speaking of jobs, shouldn't you go to yours? #GH
  • Thu, 14:32: Gods Maxie, it's a date! You go on those to 'get to know' people. So go girl! #GH
  • Thu, 14:36: lol Maxie #GH
  • Thu, 14:37: Risk your life, by going to work. #GH
  • Thu, 14:39: But a Michael on an island, is a Michael too far away for Franco to tell him the truth. So he'll drop kick the parents #GH
  • Thu, 14:41: I need Liz to change that sweater thing #GH
  • Thu, 14:48: So when did Anna & Jordan leave that office? #GH
  • Thu, 14:49: Kiki alone on the island with Michael? Pls tell me it's a tell all #GH
  • Thu, 14:51: I need to see Carly at work with that necklace on #GH
  • Thu, 14:54: I actually like Kiki & Michael I'm really sick of all the hate towards them #GH
  • Thu, 14:58: Just 5 hrs til #TVD S6 starts!
  • Thu, 20:50: RT @cwtvd: RETWEET if you're loving the season premiere of #TVD!
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