dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

5 icons....

k-izu1. k-mik1. k-totsuka1. k-yata1tg-kan1

There. 5 Icon/user pic/avatar thingies. From my walls. cuz im lazy or I just haven't made an icon in yrs.
Anime: K & Tokyo Ghoul.
Tags: anime: k, anime: tokyo ghoul, chara: kaneki, chara: souh mikoto, chara: yata, graphics: icons

  • Boxes

    So just found out about these neat box subscriptions you can get. So I decided to try out NERD BLOCK for 3 months. I went with the 'CLASSIC'…

  • Kaneki vector

    Kaneki - Tokyo Ghoul - Vector -lazy ver- by headstro on deviantART need to post this.

  • Tokyo Ghoul has gifted us with... well a hell of a lot of new cast

    Hayami Sho as Hoji Kaji Yuki as Ayato (Touka's little brother) Itou Kentarou as Banjo Tachibana Shinnosuke is Takizawa still

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