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  • Thu, 14:39: Btw Sean Heather would never shoot Franco with a silencer. Just an FYI #GH
  • Thu, 14:44: What a horrible thing to do. I need Nina & Mom gone now. Nina makes #GH a joke
  • Thu, 14:52: McLaughlin, Troy (Age 17, Listowel) http://t.co/Qlb0p1OAeR #ripTroy
  • Thu, 14:59: Tell me Michael finds out what everyone else in town already knows tomorrow, right? #GH
  • Thu, 15:01: Sonny shot AJ because he wanted to. No one tells him what to do. So no, it's not Ava's fault he shot AJ. SonnySpeak is funny #GH
  • Thu, 16:05: so does Kamui have that scar on the other side of his face? you get scars like that from plastic surgery. js... #PsychoPass2
  • Thu, 16:07: classic #PsychoPass2 moment: when the inspectors/enforcers shoot and kill all the victims
  • Thu, 16:30: Made audio rip of "Enigmatic Feeling" by Ling Tosite Sigure from the PV so i can listen to it No judge I pre-ordered the single #PsychoPass2
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