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A Wake.

So Mom, Dad & I went to Troy's visitation yesterday. I left work early at 12pm. (was schuduled to work 6am - 1:30pm). Dad got here at just before 1pm. We hopped into his car for the almost 2hr drive up to Harriston, for what we expected to be an "in & out" sort of thing 15mins at the most. We got there about 2:45 - 2:50pm. We noticed there was a lane forming at the side of the Hardy-lee Funeral Home, and not the front. The director, Alan Lee (small towns you just know everyone) came out and said they were trying to clear out the front lobby (Line A) by forming another line (B) through the side (the kitchen) and that alnothough it seemed like we (the line) weren't moving the line in fact was, just not us.

By 3pm we were in the kitchen (had been standing outside for a bit). They had a video playing of photo slide shows with Troy's favourite type of music playing (country music) and a couple of short video clips and the "living room" (this is the classic funeral home where the family lives upstairs). The DVD went to the menu and the guy standing near it wouldn't press the "play" button and did just kept looping the short music clip. A girl behind me was talking to a friend saying: 'go up there and press the button' he eventually did. I was gonna if that guy ahead of us had moved ahead. It was driving us crazy! lol

As we inched closer to the main room I could see Joe (Troy's step-father) and Cindy (Troy's Mom). In the main room not far from the first set of People we would shake hands with say: 'Sorry for your loss" to, I saw Rob, and turned to Mom and said: 'don't be alarmed, but that's Rob' (Keeping in mind the last time Mom's seen Rob was at my Brother's wedding in 2003 and he still had hair). I also said and the one standing beside him is Russel (whom she hadn't seen in a longer period of time). Then Rob's oldest (i don't know hewr name) and playing with Ava (Joe & Cindy's daughter) & then Ava went over to the coffin. I wasn't really expecting an open coffin. There was a teddy bear up by his head and she was touching it lightly. I had to look away, it almost caused be-- ok I did start to cry slighly, but had to stop myself. I didn't want to be all 'tears flowing' when near the family.

We came upon John and his partner Kim first. John being Joe, Russel & Rob's father, Troy's Grandfather. Their was a younger couple beside them but they sat down so we didn't meet them. Then was Lenore & William (Troy's Grandparents; Cindy's Parents). Lenore was saying when she got up the morning she wasn't sure how she'd make it through today & tomorrow, but with all the people coming through for Troy it had/was helping so much that she believed she could. Mom asked if it had been like this the whole time (a steady stream of visitors) she said 'yes'.

Then was Maggie (Joe's sister) & Mike (partner), followed by Rob (hug #1) & Russel (hug #2). Dad mentioned to them that he believed Jan (my brother) would be up tomorrow for the funeral & Rob said that he had been talking to him earlier. Russel's wife, Jamie, is 6 1/2 months pregenant. Mom said if they knew what kind, they said they were living that open. It's nice to be surprised i think. But considering Rob has 2 girls, and Joe a girl himself. I think the odds are in favour of a girl. Mom also asked if any cravings  and Jamie said nothing weird. Russel said: 'potatoes' & Jamie said: ' fruits. lot's of fruits'. And then Rob's girls popped up. And I said 'and oh these are your girls?' And then there was Josie his wife (known each other since HS if not before)  (hug #4). Beside them was Barb (their mom; Troy's Grandmom) (hug #5). They seemed surprised a bit that we had come up from London for the visitation (as I mentioned it's about 2hrs traffic depending to get there). But i was like: 'of course we did.' It's the thing to do. Talked a bit about when we were kids and Jan & I would play at their house a lot, sometimes even when they weren't home.... >.>

Next was Keith (Troy & Hayle's father) and his partner Johanna. Then Hayle (Troy's sister). Followed by Joe (Hug #6). Following Troy's accident they were given the opportunity to donor his organs. This is from an email Joe & Cindy recieved from the lady that helped them make the decision:

  • • One kidney has been transplanted to a young boy (similar life stage as Troy)

  • • Troy’s liver was transplanted also to a young boy (also in a similar life stage at Troy)

  • • A kidney and pancreas were transplanted to a young adult female (She had suffered her entire life from a debilitating disease since early childhood)

  • • **Both of the corneas of Troy’s eyes will be transplanted first thing Monday morning on Nov 3rd to two grateful recipients. One young adult male will get the gift of sight as well as another individual whom I do not have the information on as of yet. The capsule of his eye will also be used to advance medical research at a pediatric hospital.

At the end of her letter was: "Register today at BeADonor.ca". So I decided it was time I signed up. I shared that fact of FB and Joe saw that. He mentioned it. And said: 'thank you for doing that'. And I said: 'sure'. He said that afterwards so many of their friends and family have signed up, and that it meant so much to them. That it is so important.

Cindy, Troy's mother. Mom asked how she was doing. She said that she must have been out of tears. She said that Troy had a great 18 years of life. Just look at how loved he was. Look at all the people that came out to pay repects. She had no idea there were so many people.

It was 4:30pm before we left the funeral home.

So please take a moment to where ever you are become a donor.
For my Canadian friends:
"Register today at BeADonor.ca
One donor can save up to eight lives and improve life for up to 75 others"

Troy Jeremiah William McLaughlin

You were loved.

November 27th 1996 - October 27th 2014

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