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  • Wed, 14:23: Okay a got this Doctor Who book & haven't been paying attention but Carly Shut the hell up! #GH
  • Wed, 14:25: Carly admit that you were wrong. You can't right? Because its all about you. No one else. #GH
  • Wed, 14:28: The only thing Carly is doing for me making my migraine worse. Harpy needs a half volume button #GH
  • Wed, 14:32: Carly you are a lying, cheating whore & that's nothing to be proud of #GH
  • Wed, 14:33: Kill her Heather! Save me from Harpy!!!! #GH
  • Wed, 14:33: Harpy's louder than the commercials. And that's just wrong #GH
  • Wed, 14:37: The problem here is that Franco actually did love Harpy, but she couldn't keep her hands off of Sonny & doesn't see what's wrong w that #GH
  • Wed, 14:46: And you killed AJ you SOB #GH
  • Wed, 14:50: Scotty Boobie lied to you. Fry her. #GH
  • Wed, 14:50: RT @BarbaraDarlin: YES! RT @Robansuefarm: @WubsNet Oh gosh! I feel sorry for Franco. Carly's the monster. #GH
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