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  • Thu, 14:36: Alexis, let Sonny burn in hell #GH
  • Thu, 14:40: Franco's like: WTF? & u know that's a bad thing #GH
  • Thu, 14:43: Evil birch or not no one should have to go thru what Nina did to Ava & have their baby stolen #GH
  • Thu, 14:48: Unless they put some clothes on soon Kiki pls don't go looking for Michael #GH
  • Thu, 14:50: Because Nina is Franco's friend, Carly you of all ppl should understand that much #GH
  • Thu, 14:51: Right now Baby Jerome is safe because Franco is there #GH
  • Thu, 14:52: How many cells are at the PCPD? Enough for everyone? #GH
  • Thu, 14:56: So glad I missed the fall into bed moment w Rosalie ewww #GH
  • Thu, 14:58: Ewwww Umm their at Michael's right? That door needs a key? O.o #GH
  • Thu, 15:22: Watching #PsychoPass2 ep 6
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