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  • Tue, 16:30: I need to start picking easier things to vector. like it that a line or a shadow? i don't even.... #vectoringInaho
  • Tue, 16:34: oh who am I kidding? Go ahead Hollywood make your crappy femGhostbusters movie! I barely watch any of your movies anyway!
  • Tue, 16:54: ooh! i just got 1 leg left! and that strap thing... and that thing up there... (sigh) #vectoringInaho
  • Tue, 17:48: I got in trouble at work today for helping someone. I suppose there are worst things to get in trouble for.
  • Tue, 18:35: 'the milk of a sheass' -- watching Casanova...
  • Tue, 20:31: oh Inaho that hair colouring just ain't doing it for me... need another source. #vectoringInaho
  • Tue, 20:34: apparently i have no scans from Aldnoah.Zero on my computer. What has the world come to? #failingatcolouringInaho #vectoringInaho
  • Tue, 20:47: the moment you want to get Inaho Yata's hair but don't want to put in that much effort #vectoringInaho
  • Tue, 20:48: How so? well cuz apparently I've only vectored 2 brown-haired boys: Teito & Yata #vectoringInaho
  • Tue, 20:49: no 3! Teito, Shu & Yata lolz Poor Shu.... XD
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