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  • Fri, 15:15: When some1 tells you to run to a fairy mound to LIVE you do it! you don't go save seeds while a monster is on the loose! Dammit! T_T #garo
  • Fri, 15:35: Just cried lots. No I wasn't watching #GH Episode 17 of #garo i think they plan on wrecking me.
  • Fri, 15:36: playlist is like: you upset? here have some disney: '輝く未来 [塔の上のラプンツェル] by Midorikawa Hikaru & Sakurai Takahiro'
  • Fri, 16:14: ok turned on #GH apparently it's supposed to confuse me at the end. we'll see. if i care at the end.
  • Fri, 16:15: mind you #GH is on a commercial and i'm not sure if i'll make it to the show...
  • Fri, 16:16: 'Michael helped me do cpr on you' - the worst saddest kind. #GH
  • Fri, 16:20: i don't even care what's going on. lol give me some thing here ppl of #GH I know u can the actors are awesome. the writing as fallen
  • Fri, 16:23: I nominate @HillywoodShow for a Shorty Award in #youtubestar because they are awesome. http://t.co/S6WsHzgTEi
  • Fri, 16:24: wait Lulu checked out Dante/? really? He doesn't have a major concussion? #GH #itsthedetails
  • Fri, 16:28: let's face it MICHAEL would have saved everyone if Sonny hadn't stolen the "Fame" Naturally. #GH
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