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  • Fri, 13:15: And again with a rerun to close the #NursesBall some song from a musical I've never seen and may never at this point Thanks to #GH lol
  • Fri, 13:18: RT @sebroche: I will never set foot there nor should you...SeaWorld attendance jumps despite latest animal cruelty allegations http://t.co/
  • Fri, 13:19: And there's my TV cap for the day or more #NursesBall #GH aka kill any1 u like I do not care
  • Fri, 13:29: One thing that surprised me after watching the #NursesBall that Jordan is still alive. Why? For a show about the mob they sure do suck. #GH
  • Fri, 13:31: The #NursesBall still cemented the lack of musical taste for the show as well. Now to get 'not alone' out of my head. Repetitive garbage #GH
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