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Hello LJ / Owari no Seraph OST Listing

You exist. I exist. Just got done with a 4 night Inventory Nightmare. 8+ hrs over 4 nights and then a 8am start tomorrow. No way will that mess up my sleeping/awake schedule. Also got my 'Blue Jade' order and HLJ order today so hade to stay awake til after the mail lady since HLJ HAD to be EMS and I had to sign for it. >.< More on that later.

Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End)'s OST is finally listing!
Release Date: July 15th
Composer: Sawano Hiroyuki

Will be 2 discs; consisting of 33 tracks (14 & 19)

Tracklist is as follows:

1     X.U. (TV size)
2     [A]pa-t
3     1hundredknight:Y
4     pfSOTEad1
5     1hundredknight:M
6     pfSOTEad2
7     OneZeroEight
8     [B]pa-t
9     pfSOTEad3
10     108
11     9BL00d鬼
12     SOTE
13     scaPEGoat (TV size)
14     ToBeContinued..

1     Seraph of the End - Prologue
2     Seraph of the End - Epic
3     月鬼ノ組
4     不安のむこう
5     Battlefield
6     Ferid Bathory
7     戦闘開始
8     仲間
9     Invisible Sky
10     破滅後の世界
11     The Japanese Imperial Demon Army
12     襲い来る悪
13     脱出行
14     奇々怪々
15     Demon's Reborn
16     戦いの時
17     Reality,Destiny
18     絆
19     夕景

3000 yen + S&H
Tags: anime: seraph, composer: sawano hiroyuki

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