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dark-alone [userpic]

ann anounces and we go: okay?

ANN.com announced Lawless & Licht. The rest of us? This is news?
The biggest news is they got Lawless' name right! lol Originally they called him 'Lowless' >.> Also Licht they called: 'Rihito Jikiruland Todoroki' instead of Licht Jekylland Todoroki

Anyways no huge surprise but... Kimura Ryouhei & Shimazaki Nobunaga as Lawless & Licht.
Imagine if I was one of those huge fans who rea the manga and such? instead of someone with the slight understand of the vampire servant thing thanks to Tatsu-chan being in it.....

Dragon Age Inquisition's new single player DLC came out yesterday. Got pretty damned close to the Titan's heart before i had to fall back due to lack of potions. and with a weak defense (weak left hand action). Tough battles at level 25 with my Warrior-temple-elf