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  • Mon, 12:19: tick tick tick joan rivers passed away in 2014. Whitney, Craig, Crombie, Rees, Lee - 2015 and no on screen memorial. Good job Emmys staff.
  • Mon, 12:20: So I watched the emmys last nite on mute. yes mute. Just to see the memorial. And they failed at it. and the OP by that guy i didn't know.
  • Mon, 12:21: that guy who was the host.... from... what? and all those nominees from shows i don't watch.... yeah it horrible.
  • Mon, 12:22: so i just cracked a bone in my arm. that fucking hurt. It's recovered. Since I broke my arm this summer and my wrist barely bends now
  • Mon, 12:27: a double cracked my wrist the other day that was worse then this time. 'bone is heal like it was never broken' awesome. so why the pain?
  • Mon, 12:28: #epicfail #failsummer I broke my arm & some1 i used to work with broke her leg. it's been 1 hell of a summer
  • Mon, 12:30: so i spammed my tumblr with #SeraphOfTheEnd #OwarinoSeraph pv screencaps to make up for no #gangsta spam yesterday
  • Mon, 12:34: and there was no #gangsta spam because there was no Nicolas *sadface* #NicolasBrown
  • Mon, 12:42: Got ti done. After a broken arm delay."King of Despair - Kekkai Sensen - Vector" by headstro http://t.co/hnL2pv0JiH
  • Mon, 13:16: watching some1 play DayZ is like playing DAI when the animals don't load. Emptiness. Getting goat meat is impossible if they are missing lol
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