dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

RIP my friend

Time for one of those: 'the  world is shit posts'.

So last night was the Square Enix 'Final Fantasy XV Uncovered' streaming event. And I watched. I was annoyed a lot at things. But wowed at the unveiled extras.
I was up passed my bedtime. I got maybe 4 hrs. Then spazed to see if the first of 5 episodes of the FFXV anime were up when i got up. I fangirled a bit more on F about it. and then I saw a post from a friend of a friend. That ShadowTurk had passed away a couple of days ago.

He had had a stroke a couple of nights ago. He had fallen and hit his head in the process. And he never regained consciousness.

Julio Arellano was 30 years old. Born December 23rd, 1985.  He loved pokemon; he listened to BUCK-TICK, X-Japan. He was excited for Final Fantasy XV Uncovered. He even had planned on going to it. A super Final Fantasy Fan. He also had worked in retail. Just starting working at Sam's Club.  He went to visit his at the time boyfriend out west (yes in Canada) and I warned him about our plastic money. How it's bloody slippery. He had a wonderful time. He played guitar.

Until a couple years ago we hung out in IRC for years. My handle: 'Endless_Rain' was in part because of his love of X-Japan.

A mutual friend thinks it might be an April fools Day prank. I don't know if he'd do that. This may just be his form of denial. And now i'm trying to prove it's not a joke. Never thought that a day like that would come.

Rest In Peace

Julio Arellano

December 23rd, 1985 - March 29th, 2016.
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